Carroll, J. Wright, Ph.D., “Dr. Joe”, authored this website until his passing on May 24th, 2015. Read more about his life and work under the About tab above. All of his writing will remain available indefinitely through this website.

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate how our “human problems” and “anxiety symptoms” are designed to assist us in our unconscious search for Enlightenment, Self-realization, and Awakening, drawing upon the teachings of various masters such as Buddha, Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas, Eckhart (Xn mystic), Rumi (Sufi mystic), Emma Curtis Hopkins (Xn mystic), Carl Jung (psychiatrist), Paul Tillich (Xn theologian), William Blake (Xn mystic, artist), John Dorsey (psychiatrist), Yogananda (Hindu mystic), A Course in Miracles, Thomas Hora (Xn psychiatrist), David Hawkins (Xn psychiatrist), Dennis Merzel (monk), Robert A Clark (Xn mystic), Thich Hanh (yogi), Byron Katie (mystic) Deepak Chopra (yogic medical doctor), Wayne Dyer (spiritual teacher), Leonard Orr (immortalist), and Dr. Joe (spiritual psychotherapist).

The Programmed Limited World is ignorantly considered to be reality by most. This website features teachings and teachers functioning at the level of spiritual mastery, in the range of the enlightenment process.

The “person” we are trying to confirm 24/7 does not even exist. That “person” is a program. No wonder we get anxiety symptoms, trying to do the impossible! You and I are not human beings. Enlightenment begins with that realization. Each person is programmed by society to believe he is a limited human being, even though he is not. The “I” that has problems, gets sick, and dies is just an “ego” program, which claims to be a body. The God that we are, observes the programmed “I”, but does not identify with it.