Enlightenment And Polarities



There is no interest in enlightenment in the Programmed World


There is no convenient time, place or energy for enlightenment

There is no “stage in life” for enlightenment

There is no easy automatic way to enlightenment

There is no ready-made language for enlightenment

There is not more than 50% satisfaction in any aspect of human experience outside of Enlightenment

The entire programmed world is anxiety-ridden and requires self-medication,  with no exceptions for anyone

There is no obvious evidence that the infinite even exists

In the programmed world, we may talk about religion and enlightenment, but the infinite does not even exist in that world 

The path to enlightenment is hidden

The chance that you will realize enlightenment in this lifetime is barely 5%.

God is always a peripheral character in the human drama

You cannot be human and be enlightened—the two are mutually exclusive.  No one exists apart from God.

Enlightenment is necessary, inevitable, invaluable, inescapable and has nothing to do with time (the future).  


The Limited World of programming consists entirely of polarities; the Unlimited World of Enlightenment  has no polarities.


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