There is a Secret

There is a secret about the universe. Very few people know this secret.  Without the knowledge of what this secret is, we will continue to be anxious.  All that I do or even want to do, is to teach this secret. The reason people do not know this secret is not because we are dumb, but because we have all been deceived. We have been conditioned by society for thousands of years, and most of us have lived hundreds of lifetimes and still don’t “get it.”  Down through the ages the Secret has been known by awakened masters, but that knowledge is soon swallowed up by programmed ignorance.

What are the chances you will “get it” this time?  About 5%.  Why? 1. We have all been programmed in ignorance about the Unlimited World.  2. We mistakenly assume that the five senses and reason are reliable guides for life. 3. Anxiety symptoms of this ignorant mistake develop and we assume they are meaningless.  4. We try to treat these symptoms with all sorts of self-medicatory activities and substances, which also usually fail. 5.  Because such knowledge is priceless and can’t be bought.   We live in a consumer society but this knowledge can’t be bought or sold.  Very few know this Secret.  You will probably never hear about it again after you finish reading this article.  You will hear many recipes for the good life, but none of them even approach the Magnitude of the Secret.  The main reason that so few know is that there is no interest.  Until you hear about it, there is no interest, but without interest, no one listens.  What a conundrum!  Without interest, I can’t even tell you what the secret is. It is forbidden.

What a dilemma, to know the Secret of the Universe and not to be able to tell it.  Once Jesus sent out pairs to tell it, and they were to take no provisions, to see how much interest in the infinite good news there is.

There I just told you the secret: the infinite good news.  But I might as well be talking Chinese, the words are meaningless.  Our mind is like a boat with holes in the bottom.  We believe in lack.  If you had the interest, I could teach you the Secret in a matter of a few months.  We could plug up those holes or find a new boat, but life is all about metaphors.  The secret of life is all about words and thoughts: thoughts have power, energy follows words.  There — I just told you another piece of the Enlightenment puzzle.  And I just told you the name of the Secret: Enlightenment.  Don’t forget that word. You may never hear it again.  You will hear about Survival and Success, but not Significance, which is what Enlightenment is.

I hope by now that your curiosity is aroused because without it you are a dead duck.  You do not realize that your potential is unlimited. The word “unlimited” is not even comprehensible.  There, another piece of the puzzled of enlightenment.  How to access your unlimited potential?  Through conscious Self-talk! Most of our self-talk is unconscious, straight from the sea of mental garbage!  It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way it seems.  Please take advantage of me.  I am here only for you. You may never again meet someone else who knows.

What are some other pieces of the Secret?  1.  Nothing is separate from you, you are connected to the entire universe, which is made up of energy frequencies.  No one has ever seen energy, but it is everywhere.  You can see its colors and its effects, but not the energy itself.   No one has seen a self, for that matter, only the body.   2.  A second part of the Secret is that there is no lack anywhere, in you or in the universe.  3. A third part of the Secret is that nothing can hurt you, victimize you, or damage you, not even sickness and death.  You are immortal.  Therefore fear and force are not necessary, but are only called upon in ignorance (our belief in our so-called survival needs).  Wise words are all we need.  Weapons are not needed in the real universe.  Truth heals, protects and provides.

The Secret is the elephant in the living room.  There is nothing but God anywhere, when we know that God is consciousness rather than “the man upstairs.”  God is beingness, energy, the infinite field,  intelligent-lovingness, creativity, understanding, inspiration, harmony, serenity. God is Enlightenment.  God is the Secret and you are one with God in every way.    For you to get “reality about that” is Enlightenment, no matter how long it takes, and it lasts forever.

There are two major phases in the process of Enlightenment:  1.  Discovery of the Secret that what appears to be real (the Programmed World) is not real and  2.  Discovery of the Secret that what appears not to exist (the Infinite Good) is real. Does it surprise you to hear that we are addicted to conventional “reality” which is not real and cannot work more than 50% of the time? David Hawkins proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that we cannot tell the difference in truth and falsehood.

“Narrow is the way to life and few there be that find it.” “Finding it” requires attention and awareness, which is all used up by the Programmed World.   We cannot pay adequate attention unless such attention is100%.  The ego is split 50/50 on every subject.  The ego is totally bipolar: fight or flight, good or evil, for or against.  In reality, nothing is bipolar.  Reality is 100% good.  The Secret of the Universe is that God is infinitely good, and we cannot even imagine such a thing.  So we remain in the self-defense mode.  We always try to have a“back-up plan” in case of “failure” and that divides our energy and so we get mixed results.  Jesus sent out pairs to announce the good news, and he told them to make no provisions for a back-up plan.  Depend 100% on guidance. “Walking on water” was no problem for a 100% mind who knew the Secret.

The ignorant mind diagnoses and treats according to appearances because it does not realize the Secret.  The ignorant mind depends entirely on the five senses and reason.  The ignorant mind looks for what is wrong and overlooks God, who is everywhere present.  The ignorant mind prescribes physical medicine for a word problem.

The Secret is that only words can cure a word problem and all problems are self-talk problems at their root.  The Secret is to make God the CEO of your career, relationships, and decisions.  External Control Psychology does not work and that is all that the Programmed Ego “knows”.

All of the ego’s thoughts and judgments come from the “sea of mental garbage”.  You can go a whole lifetime without one fresh thought, with just re-hash.   We are programmed to “react.” Anyone can push your buttons if you have any.  Life is ruled by wants-and-don’t-wants until we are enlightened and see God everywhere.  Until then we are not free from fear and force, which rule the Programmed World.  We return life after life until enlightened.

The search for enlightenment is the Secret of the Universe.  You can become enlightened now, once you realize that Survival and Success are false gods which cannot be “attained.”  God is Survival, Godis Success and God is Significance– present now in the Vertical Dimension.  The Secret of the Universe is that you, the “human ego” that society has programmed you to think that you are, does not even exist—how can it “survive” and “succeed”? In reality you are not separate from God in any way, which is the most ignored Secret of the Whole Universe.

I spend all of my time, night and day, asking to know the Secrets of the Universe and how to teach them.  I do that for your sake and mine.  You will learn to do the same.  It is called multi-tasking, but you are not The Doer. If you remember the Secret, this idea will not become a burden or a worry.  Every day will become a Celebration of the Secret.  Just keep it quiet for a few months, lest you cast your pearls before those not ready to receive them.

If you want to join me in the study of the Secret, please do so. There is nothing else as worthy of your time.

Meditation is difficult for the human monkey mind.  If you want the key to meditation  (contemplation), get  you a journal, and every day without fail, write at the top of each new page today’s date and underneath the date write “The Secret of the Universe is…………………………….”   and write down whatever comes to your mind. You can’t make a mistake in this process, because tomorrow’s journal entry will correct it. In one of my journal entries I wrote “secret The of the universe is…….. bullshit,  bullshit, bullshit” and later that day I saw a license plate which said “Lotabull” and I knew right then that I was into the sea of mental garbage!  You see, the Universe is alive and contains all true knowledge, and contains nothing from the “sea of mental garbage”  — from the Programmed World, which poisons all so-called knowledge.  The Universe wants you to know its Secrets, but you have to ask and listen.  You will always get an answer within 48 hours!  There, I just told you the secret about the Secret! This practice will save you lifetimes of trouble! The key is “Do it every day, even if you have a few blank pages!”  Thinking Outside the Box means you will no longer be criticizing, complaining, nagging, blaming, threatening, punishing and bribing, because those kinds of self-talk are toxic and kill people… and the Universe does none of these!

By the way, there are two books that explain the secret:  Thomas Hora, Beyond the Dream and Pam Grout, E Squared.

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  1. Gede Prama says:

    Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

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