Earth School* (Part I)

Part I (of a series of two posts)

The New Age in which we are living is called the Aquarian Age.  Its high energies allow us to advance more quickly in Earth School.  It is much easier to become aware of our lofty cosmic missions but it is still easy to slip back into our self-centered disempowered perspective very quickly.  It is now possible to learn to take control of our lives and demonstrate our natural universal state of being (peace, bliss, harmony, and joy without pressure) by letting go of our unnatural earth-school state of being (anxiety, doubt, guilt, helplessness). 

We shall all be able to live this all-the-pressure-off state in the next few years.  But in the mean time we should expect to directly experience our every control issue, our every attachment, and the painful awareness of giving away our power to make ourselves happy.  Every block we have to accepting love, peace and happiness is going to be thrown right in our face.  No one can do it for you.  You have to decide to take back your position in the kingdom, and forsake the unnatural game of separation, struggle, one-upmanship, and self-defense.  We are here to make life work and to get happy. 

We are made in God’s image, but unfortunately we have used this power to make God in our image.  God is not lost, God is not struggling, God does not have an ego, which gets upset when things do not go his or her way.  God doesn’t get angry with people. God doesn’t get impatient. God is not male or female, but the principle of unvarying love, creativity, compassion, and the source of all that is.  God cannot be offended and cannot possibly deny unlimited joy to all that he created, which includes us. 

We are about to explode into an Aquarian age, the first time in 26,000 years, into a movement more powerful than any political, military or industrial revolution in history. Your reason for being on earth at this time is far grander than you have even allowed yourself to fantasize.  Within a few years the earth will be entirely pollution-free, houses will be built without locks on the doors, we will be able to trust absolute strangers, and we will become a one-family planet. 

We are now trying just to stay afloat, exhausted, and on guard, while our most valued institutions, universities, and corporations have no curriculum related to anything so impractical as miracles or eternality.  This myopic view will break down and the universe will reveal to us another world view.

Only after thousands of lifetimes on this planet do we begin to perceive a connection between cause and effect. The visible isn’t the only reality. Intuition begins to be valued as well as intellect, but only after we realize that earth is a school, a school with teachers and students, a school board, janitors, a PTA, and those who repeat the third grade endlessly until a merciful teacher passes us out of pure compassion.  There are also those who skip grades and graduate into other realms of cosmic reality. However, endless repetition continues until we reach a point of awakening into the “big picture”.  We awaken to the usefulness, fairness and the amazing expediency of this earth school.  We have been relying on the five physical senses alone and trapping ourselves in a belief system which says that life is filled with harm, injustice, pain and struggle, discounting our other senses. 

The great masters down through history, however, have set an example of being serene and resisting not evil.  We are so stuck in our third gradeview of life that we do not see the millions of classrooms scattered outside of our earth picture.  We do not see outside the realm of time and space nor realize that we are all individualized aspects  of God, having forgotten that we are one with God.  We have come to believe that we do not have all of the answers within us.  We are stuck in conscious amnesia.  The English language does not help us much because it is primarily an economic and commerce language. So we have to use metaphors to get the bigger picture. 

The main metaphor we shall use here is that earth is a fast track school.  Trying to feel good about ourselves and love one another is a third gradestart, but we have several other grades to go through before we can hold steady the image of being a “one family earth.”  On the average, it takes a hundred million years of evolution to graduate.  We are slow learners.  This school system is just and it is functioning perfectly with a grand lesson plan.  Every person on earth is enrolled and is in a grade, which corresponds perfectly to their personal level of spiritual understanding.  There is no event in any student’s life that is random or accidental.  All of us are here for one reason: expediency.  This school offers a very rapid path to awakening, usually through the process of pain and struggle. 

You can learn more here on earth in one 80-year lifetime than in some of the softer schools in ten thousand years.  When things get too soft we decide to be couch potatoes and coast.  When do we ask for help, when do we decide to study and figure out how the system works?  Only when we are hurting.  You can avoid feeling the pain and stay in the third grade for hundreds of lifetimes if you so choose.  Many students choose to avoid the difficult courses and tests

Others choose to waste no more time, to focus on spirit, and not to get hung up on houses and money and being the country club president again. Can I please this time have cancer, or be a child with leukemia.  I want to have to ask “Why, God?  Why?  Is there any way I could take the whole curriculum and graduate in three lifetimes?  Please give me some pain so I can wake up and join some of my graduate friends who have become eternally happy.”

Maybe this is the lifetime you signed up for enlightenment.  The Aquarian age has arrived and it is time to choose to challenge the pain and struggle view of the world by moving through its lessons to the Christ energy potential of mastery, of peace, compassion and happiness.  Leukemia, rape, cancer, murder, pollution, child abuse and war are not the natural states of being in this universe, although they can be useful for awakening.  We have had enough.

It is necessary for our learning to believe in the reality of our dimensional time and space perceptions for awhile.  We pay to go to a theatre and be terrified by a Rambo movie, but yet we deny that we have created drama in our lives.  We paid tuition to get into this earth school and we should not be offended to find out that it is a  drama.  We don’t want someone to tell us the movie is an illusion nor that our wrecked car is an illusion.

Is planet earth just a three dimensional hologram being played out on the inside of our eyelids or is it real?  The movie stars that play in these movies get killed in many movies, and we get killed in many lifetimes, but ultimately we will not care because we will soon realize that God is love and love does not allow tragedy.  We enrolled here in this school because we saw drama as a powerful motivator for spiritual growth.  God doesn’t allow mistakes. God is love and love is not consistent with error.  Starvation is perfect and it stinks.  We have to stretch our minds far beyond our present belief system.  We have to tuck away our concept that God is powerless to prevent error and reach for a far more empowering concept that earth is a beneficent school. 

The fourth grade curriculum on planet earth contains many lessons related to feeling separate from God and the rest of mankind.  In the fourth grade, we pit ourselves against other individuals in an attempt to prove we are right and that they are the ignorant ones.  We often blow them away. It is not wrong, it is just fourth grade.  You may be tired of being a fourth grader or even a fourth grade teacher trying to fix everyone.  There is a better way, stress free, fun, exciting, uplifting, self-empowering, and energizing. 

To be continued in Earth School, Part II

*This article is a summary of the work of Paxton Robey, with editing and additions by Carroll J. Wright

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