Earth School* (Part II)

Part II  (Continued from previous post)

Within Earth School, there are two distinct types of teachers (1) those who walk on water, raise the dead, live in security and peace, and (2) those who do everything according to the world’s rules, always trying to be right, dying of stress related diseases, leaving guilt and frustration as their legacy. In the (1) first group are such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and hundreds of less well known masters who live life in spirit-based context.  The (2) second group are your familiar authority figures who raised and educated you, who taught you to rely on intellect and its rational judgment instead of spirit.  When we were young children, we were not taught the foolishness of having unlimited realities.  Limitation, heaviness, restriction, responsibility, guilt, ought to’s and should’s, and the cold hard realities of life are learned traits. 

These uncomfortable beliefs are taught to every person on earth by well-meaning authority figures.  The education of this world is what can be realized through the five senses, and stored in our data banks.  Through the school of hard knocks and intellectual pursuits, we slowly make some repetitious progress.  These authority figures teach us the facts of life, a work ethic, how hard it is to get ahead in life,  to watch out for old number one, and to be as defensive or aggressive as is required. We have all been taught about the inequalities and injustices of the economic, political, social and business systems that are beyond our control.  We are taught how to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers.  The five senses version of reality is intelligent and rational, we are taught.  But if this is true, then there can be no omnipotent, loving God, which would be mutually exclusive with the existence of war, leukemia, child abuse and starvation.  Authority figures are known for their opinionation, type A behavior, heart attacks, and other stress-related diseases, and are known to even jump off of buildings when an economic depression or other events occur beyond their control and expectations. 

Master teachers (1) on the other hand have a perspective not based on the five senses, teaching that we should be vigilant in watching our inner thoughts and maintain inner peace.  “Nothing I see means anything.  I see only the past.  Resist not evil.  In my defenseless lies my safety.”  It is futile to try to fix the planet or resist evil without first healing ourselves.    There is nothing outside of ourselves.  All that they say and do flies in the face of the rational thinking of most authority figures.  Intellectual analysis and social change is of little value unless we allow Holy Spirit to do it. 

Who shall you listen to:  (2) authority figures or (1)  master teachers?  Both actually.  (2) The path of the authority figures is useful for growth, but painfully slow, and it is the path of karma.  (1) The path of the master teachers is self-empowering, enlightening, fun, and expedient.  If you are tired of relationships that aren’t fun, physical and monetary limitations that aren’t funky,  then you may be ready to declare that you have no time for karma. To dump the karmic way and move directly to joy, fun, excitement and inner peace, you must follow the advice of King Solomon “with all thy getting, get understanding.”

90% of the people on earth today are in the lower grades, and have not the slightest understanding of cause and effect, believing themselves to be victims of everything.  They see no way to control unforeseen circumstances and they have no idea they created all of their experiences for educational purposes.  They have no awareness that they are connected to every other being on the planet

Tenth Grade: Almost everyone is functioning below the tenth grade level of the soap opera consciousness. The majority of our evolution is spent at this level.  The emphasis in the tenth grade is on brains.  Eight or ten billion years in this school will make you intelligent.  These people are geniuses, working as economists, educators, generals, politicians, and even parents.  They are highly opinionated and hard to teach, since they know so much, and only allow logical data. 

They have spent millions of years becoming intelligent, though not necessarily happy.  They are far too busy arguing to be happy.  Whenever they are challenged about their rightness, they feel a sense of loss.  They believe the five senses are real and that they have good reasons for being a republican or a democrat.  Yet none of them have over one-billionth of one percent of the data available on the planet earth.  Their whole life is intellect.  Yet the universe is in constant change and you can’t even keep up with it.  What you knew yesterday is obsolete today.  Tenth graders have developed their left brains very well and they cure diseases, invent new technology, and break four minute mile barriers. Intellectualism, however, focuses on planetary dilemmas and completely ignores the master teacher’s command to “let thine eye be single, focused on God.” 

11th Grade: After many exhaustive lifetimes of paddling upstream and trying to fix humanity, they finally decide it can’t be done and the universe carries them to grade eleven, the level of compassion.  Now they are in direct conflict with the intellectuals and the politicians, for that is how karma works.  Eleventh graders are developing their intuition, often shunning practicality to help someone or something.  They refuse to go to war, become flower children, don’t care about getting jobs.  They are into great causes, often doing irrational things like fixing pollution, helping the homeless, ending war, curing cancer.  They do more to develop a family awareness on the planet than all of the previous ten grades.  They are pro-active, busy, busy, busy, saving the planet. They are so focused on tragedy that they have little peace or joy. They are the cream of the crop of earthlings.  

Intelligence and compassion are not the end of the road to enlightenment.  Compassion is still anti, and still feels that when others are hurting you cannot be happy. 

Up to the tenth, you have the soap opera, with all of its karmic stress and guilt.   In the 10th  grade you have the brain solution, or the intelligence solution.  In  the 11th you move up to compassion. 

12th  Grade:  is the transitional stage, where the soap opera and the intellect are no longer ultimately trustworthy. In the 12th we start to acknowledge our divinity, to bypass or transcend the rule of karma, and begin to just relax into being the God-Man-Self.  This is where our twelfth body, the causal body,  the post-karmic body,  kicks in.  This body is not from time and space, nor subject to its perceptions.  This body is invisible, harmless, and eternal.  In this consciousness, we are at cause, not at effect. This body is the body of Christ, or the awareness of oneness.  It is not anti-anything, therefore it is not stressful or stressed.  In this consciousness, we are a one-family planet, where there is no offense and no forgiveness necessary.  In the melodrama consciousness, even up through the 11th  grade, offenses are real and forgiveness is required, but incomplete.  We forgive but don’t forget.  God does not even remember.

Most individuals take 2000 years just to become a little more tolerant of others. Learning not to be a victim may take 26,000 years. If you are a present day master-in-training, you will not settle for such a pace.  Instead, you will say:  I stop exploring all of the possible ways that I might have been victimized. By my own volition, I  abdicate the “rewards” that I get from friends and acquaintances for being a victim.  Instead, I  “let my eye be single, fixed on God.”

Even Jesus had similar choices to make.  It would have been easier to be a carpenter than a messiah.  He was urged to give up his grandiose quest and just settle for a limited human outlook like everyone else.  Anyone can find excuses to compromise the commitment to graduation because of fear of authority and the economy.  You either choose to follow your bliss or your excuses. You don’t need permission from anyone, especially God, since God is within waiting to awaken to your peace, joy, and excitement.

Of course, you can continue to plod along the painful path of sowing and reaping, but it is so slow and repetitious.  There is only one way to get off the wheel of karma and that is to choose to be happy every moment. You can do what you enjoy or enjoy what you do.  Jesus did not look at error, but had a single eye fixed on God (the Infinite Good).  But of course, if you continue with the binding game of karma and remain in the first 11 grades, that is okay because karma is love and provides you with the less painful option of a fast track to enlightenment. 

The slow track is the track of trying to fix victimization; the fast track means accepting the empowering divinity of your causal imagination through your thoughts.  You are already free!  Those who choose loving thoughts instead of grievances will do well in this high speed new era, realizing that what we put out comes back.  Up through the 11th grade, fear and guilt rule our victim consciousness, and create karma of like kind.  In the 12thgrade fear and guilt are gone, and we live in a breathtaking awareness of the Celestial City in our midst. 

Healing is a natural process in the 12th grade and beyond.  Letting go of the constrictions of our ego thinking, stress and tension are released and the natural flow of life can occur in our veins, our relationships, in our finances, and in our personal freedom.  Disease is caused by the assumption that someone did something to us, resulting in our reactive defensiveness, anger and resentment. In the 12th Grade, forgiveness occurs because we realize that we have never been harmed and cannot be.  That whole victim belief structure collapses and disappears.  We release thoughts of what we don’t want, realizing that we become what we oppose and resist, What we are anti, we create more of.  From this new Christ perspective, our understanding and compassion is renewed, because we see we are not victims, and that we can create, co-create and heal anything.  Any thought held in mind out-pictures in form.

When the soap opera is given up, we find purpose in life, we acknowledge our divinity, we begin to use our imagination and creativity consciously and purposefully, our intellect and compassion are re-focused.  We are no longer stuck in a linear view of time and space in a patriarchal, masculine-dominated, authority-oriented planet. In the conscious enlightenment process, we don’t have to know and control everything. Everything on this planet is friendly and for our benefit.  Guilt, fear and control are not necessary. We don’t have to fight evil, it is just an error. Our natural genius can come out, since we don’t have to use our intellect to survive and succeed. We are all one in God consciousness. God is not lost.  God is not dead. God is not judging us. God is not an angry, struggling ego who gets upset with us when things don’t go his way.  God is infinitely patient, unvaryingly loving, creative, compassionate, and cannot be offended, seeking only our total joy and freedom.  It is not dangerous to forsake our unnatural game of separation, struggle, self-defense and victim thinking and fearing.  Duality was just a dream.  Welcome to the real world!

Now when you make this step beyond 12th grade, , you can receive the aid and resources of HOLY SPIRIT. Whether you know it or not, Holy Spirit is your best friend, your most efficient and effective ticket to success and happiness.  Holy ‘spirit is the only alternative to the ego game and its victimization mentality.  Holy spirit is the only force in the universe that you can’t do without.  You can’t do without the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is your true self.  What you call Holy Spirit, and whether it is a he or she does not matter.  Why wouldn’t you exchange a -10,000 ego for a +10 billion Holy Spirit?  -10,000 is about the best return you can get on your ego investment; and 10 billion is not even imaginable to the human ego mind. 

 Holy Spirit is our resident psychiatrist, resident millionaire companion, resident genius, resident business manager, resident scientist, resident healer, and resident beloved.  Holy Spirit is your genie in a bottle, and the bottle is your body.  Holy Spirit is your resident guide, your CEO.  He/she knows every human need, dilemma and every cosmic resource.  Holy Spirit has immediate and direct access to every single digit in the entire universal data bank, even as it changes moment to moment. The internet, cell phones and modern technology is a drop in the bucket compared to the omniscience of Holy Spirit.  The cost to hire an advisor of the caliber of the CEO of Your Life would be astronomical and couldn’t be done.  His/her services are free, and in your best interest.  Your ego is not your friend and does not serve your best interests.  How many times has your ego sabotaged and f****** up your life?  Holy Spirit is your willing servant, for free.  However, Holy Spirit will not intrude or force anyone.  If you are sick and tired of the limited paltry results you are getting from your ego system, consider this choice for college level perception.

We can graduate from high school and enroll in college when these lessons are mastered.  We have help from many beings who are here to assist us, but they will not force themselves upon us.  Just ask.

*This article is a summary of the work of Paxton Robey, with editing and additions by Carroll J. Wright

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  1. Kate says:

    I was so into Earth School part 1….thus had mixed feelings of disappoinment and excited expectation that I had to wait for the “conclusion” in Part 2. It was more than I imagined. Wonderful message. Great work

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