The Two You’s

There are 2 you’s: The ego-you and the Real-You.

One is automatically assumed, the other requires Awareness. One is legal; the other is spiritual.  One is given by parents, by society, by birth certificate, by driver’s license, and both by a sound and a signature, and the other by god. Both seem valid but one is incomplete and hollow. One is a program, the other is YOU.  One is the ego; the other is the SELF.  They may even sound and be spelled the same, but they are not. And therein lies the Mystery, the Identity Secret: AWARENESS.  Without awareness, you are just a sound, a signature, a statistic, a name, a legal entity, a program, a form, an ego.

Be AWARE! You are the One. You are God if you have AWARENESS. You are One with the Infinite.  You are no-thing. You are AWARENESS.  Wake up from the sleep of UNAWARENESS.  There are no limits to AWARENESS nor to the real you.  All else is blasphemy, sleep, death.

And God saw that all he had made was Very Good–Perfect!  Gen 1:30. How can you claim any longer not to be on the Hero’s Journey? Are you a fake? A hypocrite?  A pretender? Don’t you know that you are gods! (John 8:30).  Be ye perfectly aware as your Father is.  Know thyself.  Deny your ego.  Be SELF- AWARE!  Your name is my name–the Christ.  Don’t you know that all that I have is yours!  I and my father are one with you.

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