Dr. Carroll J. Wright (Dr. Joe) practiced psychotherapy for 58 years in Kentucky, Michigan, California and Virginia. He did his undergraduate work at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and his graduate work at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as a post-graduate internship at Merrill-Palmer Institute in Detroit in marriage counseling and psychotherapy. He was the director of two pastoral counseling centers in California from 1958-1980, and the director of family counseling services in Virginia starting in 1980. He maintained a full-time spiritual psychotherapy practice in Harrisonburg and New Market, Virginia, where he also did his research and writing. In the latter part of his life, he developed a unique approach to psychotherapy that he called “Spiritual Psychotherapy,” which is thoroughly explored on this website. His lifelong interest was in the causes and correction of human suffering.

Dr. Wright passed away in May of 2015. His work and writing remain an inspiration to many. All of his writing will be available indefinitely through this website. 


In Dr. Joe’s own words:

“My Other Story”

I am realizing that Another Story is being lived through “me.”

When I was born in Homeland in a brick house I let out a yelp and my grandfather in the strawberry patch shouted “whoopee!” and threw his straw hat up in the air. 

None of us knew that I was a Pisces with a spiritual destiny unfolding (unconsciously) until decades later. I was named “Carroll Joseph” which is a female-male combo.  My namesake, Joseph, was a dream interpreter as I have become. At age seven, I wanted to “join the church,” but I was “too young” and so I “joined” with Jesus at age twelve. In college, I had a voracious appetite for knowledge that was never even partly satisfied until decades later.

Physically, I was a hunter and fisherman and roamed the forests and rivers.  I was searching for something hidden in nature. 

My sister, a young soul with many gifts, gave her life at age 15 to wake me up.  My whole world was shattered and my search became conscious.  I wanted something deeper than life and death.  Science, religion and philosophy only whetted my appetite more, until I discovered the work of E. Stanley Jones.  This little book opened up the encyclopedic writing of Carl Jung, which I spent all my few dollars and years imbibing, like an addiction. It was then that I began to understand my father’s alcoholism.

Jung’s work was food for my soul.  I was soul-aware but had few words for it. I spent the next 50 years developing my self-talk.  I bought over 4000 books in this search. I wrote it all down on 7 computers at 4 a.m. daily.  As soon as online became available, I developed 5 websites to give this priceless knowledge to the world, thus fulfilling my Piscean mission.

In my relentless search, I discovered many things never before articulated, especially regarding the process of Enlightenment through psychotherapy.

Such mastery is not something “done” by the ego.   Mastery is understanding.  Gnosis.  There are twelve major “lessons” which require at least 12 lifetimes, and maybe dozens.  The major retardant is lack of interest.  Self-confirmation-seeking is the main obstacle to Enlightenment.  The ego is a sneaky liar or pretender.  It parades as you.  It pretends to know but does not. Find a master–you will never make it alone.  

I have seven masters that teach me daily through the Sacred Spirit.  None of them are encumbered by the body, and all their teachings coalesce.  They are willing and able masters, very contemporary, lifetimes ahead of most.  I have studied and summarized their message.  Gnosis is one, universal and individualized Good News.  Often I can’t sleep due to their profundity, which I call “the Infinite Good”.

They go by the names of Jesus, Buddha, Hawkins, Hopkins, Hora, Katie, and Rumi.  There are others, but these seven speak metaphorically to our time.  “Dr. Joe” is an interpreter of their gifts to us, especially A Course in Miracles.


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