Anxiety Has Many Faces

Listed below are over 100 varieties of anxiety which occur in our programmed polarized worldview, all of which are friends in disguise—designed to wake us up.

Midlife-crisis-anxiety at any age is our invitation to Enlightenment

Insecurity-anxiety about your relationships indicates insecurity about self.

Relationship-anxiety Your marriage can be no more secure or insecure than you are. To the extent that you are married to your fearful ego story, you cannot be existentially married to a person.

Parent-anxiety is uncertainty about who your Source is.

Jealousy-anxiety assumes that I am lacking

Rescue-anxiety is about failing to change others and needing to work on self-awareness instead.

Distrust-anxiety about another originates from self-dis trust

Insomnia-anxiety arises from repressed conflicts now pushing up our disturbances into our comfort zone

Panic-attack-anxiety is a signal of the need for a deeper change

Fear-anxiety arises from mistaken beliefs

Narcicistic-anxiety short-changes the sufferer’s need for real self-knowledge

Selfishness-anxiety occurs when we confuse the ego and the true Self.

Failure-anxiety gives you an opportunity to unlearn and relearn

Loneliness-anxiety is a painful illusion.  Feeling neglected and abused by others is a sure sign I am neglecting and abusing myself.

Abandonment-anxiety is a sign I have abandoned myself

Deprivation-anxiety is only a deprived state of mind

Entrapment-anxiety is a self-inflicted fiction

Irritation-anxiety and resentment-anxiety are based upon the assumption I can be rejected.  Self-rejection always precedes the apparent rejection by others.  Anxiety arises from the belief that my self-esteem depends on others.

Self-esteem-anxiety arises from the false belief that I am my limitations.

Hurt-anxiety is the anxious opinion I could be a victim

Separation-anxiety is the belief I could be separated from Love Itself. This sense of separateness is the chief source of anxiety. This anxiety clouds awareness of the oneness of life.

Death-anxiety is the mistaken assumption that I am not immortal

Loneliness-anxiety is the notion that I could be separate.

Nightmare anxieties and trauma-anxieties are life-saving messages trying to get our attention.

Accident-anxiety and injury-anxiety express my belief that I am my body.

War-anxiety is inner conflict out-pictured

Illness-anxiety is a state of mind about the body in which we do not see clearly that all illness is mental.

Anger-anxiety is a form of blame and self-defense.
Self-awareness and self-appreciation are essential to loving others

Anger-anxiety is self-blame projected outward, followed by a failed attempt to control others

Guilt-anxiety is self-judgment and blame

Grief-anxiety is the idea I could lose someone or something

Betrayal-Anxiety always follows self-betrayal

Cancer-anxiety is a form of grudge-bearing
An accident is something you fear and attract
Suffering is something you try to avoid, but cling to.

Shame-anxiety is a belief in inferiority and superiority

Pride-anxiety and arrogance is a powerless form of self-doubt and lack of humility

Cowardice-anxiety is a fear of one’s power

Bully-anxiety is a fear of one’s powerlessness

Shyness-anxiety arises from judging, criticizing and attacking thoughts

Poverty-anxiety is short-changing one’s abundance

Legal-anxiety is a a result of our karmic story

Passivity-anxiety, like aggression-anxiety is a story about survival.

ADD-anxiety is due to a lack of self-awareness, as well as an experience of attention-distraction, which give the family and school systems a symptom-relief challenge for deeper change

Sickness-anxiety arises from an unconscious constrictive block in energy flow

Stress-anxiety arises from our self-created story about self and the universe

Your anxiety contains a life-saving message you must examine in order to discover.

Mis-imagination is your only fault, sin, crime or mistake.
To the degree that you experience anxiety, you are still, to that degree, an unconscious. unhappy, anxious, unlimited creator and lover.
Control-anxiety arises from trying to control other people and circumstances when we do not address the real cause of unhappiness.

Unhappiness-anxiety is a signal of identity confusion.
All anxiety arises from your story itself and not from the contents of that drama

All anxiety is identity-anxiety at its root.

Insecurity-anxiety is fictional

Self-medication-anxiety arises from programmed strategies which are always partially dissatisfying and lead to more anxiety.

Manipulation-anxiety is simply a form of self-doubt

Conformity-anxiety and rebellion-anxiety are garden-variety survival strategies that everyone has to grow through

Codependency-anxiety occurs in every unenlightened relationship

Falling-out-of-love-anxiety always follows the falling-in-love perception that we are or could be anything but unconditional lovers.

Aggressiveness-anxiety and submissiveness-anxiety always occur together as a polarity, one pole of which is our shadow.

Ego-anxiety is the only anxiety there is.

Anxiety = unawareness

Whenever you name, label or judge anything, you will experience anxiety about it because nothing is what it appears to be.

Ignorance is the source of all anxiety.  We are ignorant and anxious because we do not know our divinity consciously.

Time-anxiety, along with procrastination-anxiety, and impatience-anxiety, show our lack of awareness of the timeless.

Wisdom comes to those who ask.  With wisdom comes power. With power comes humility, forgiveness and oneness.

God-awareness is Self-awareness, and the rest is just a story.
Suffering is our invitation to the banquet

The very best is always wrapped in the very worst packaging.

Don’t look for the Christ outside, you are an unconscious Christ waking up.

Victim-anxiety is the bottom line of the ego view of the world.
Rescuer-anxiety and villain-anxiety are close seconds.

Liar-anxiety inevitably goes with theft-anxiety, envy-anxiety and cheater-anxiety.

Suicide-anxiety occurs with every survival agenda, but you cannot kill yourself, only your body.

Depression-anxiety occurs in cycles along with mania-anxiety which we call manic-depression or bipolar-anxiety.  Bipolar has become a favorite diagnosis and prescription epidemic, but it is simply identity-anxiety squared.  Bipolar means you still believe in good-versus-evil.

Depression-anxiety is self-inflicted painful Self-ignorance, a wake-up call to reality.  If you are depressed, you are not aware of reality, only of your story about reality.  Depressing is a call to life and enlightenment.

Helplessness-anxiety is as rampant as hopelessness-anxiety and both are self-sabotaging experiences.

Criticism-anxiety is inevitably followed by blame-anxiety and punishment-anxiety, none of which bring us what we want.

Hell-anxiety like demon-anxiety and death-anxiety are exaggerated human misperceptions we made up or fell into, and have nothing to do with God.

The ego is a hypocrite, and hardly knows the truth about anything.

The truth sets us free.  Are we free?  Not yet.  But we are in an inevitable enlightenment process, if and when we listen to the wake-up messages of our anxiety. Today is your chance of a lifetime to wake up.  Take it.

Problem-anxiety is a gift.  There are no problems, just challenges and opportunities, misjudged and misunderstood.

Limitations-anxiety is strictly mis-imagination.  All things are possible.

Expanded awareness is the only purpose of anxiety.

Every anxiety hides and reveals truth-realization.

The finite is the infinite in form, so are you.  You are both visible and invisible, physical and metaphysical. You have two physical eyes and one third eye.  You have sight and vision.  You are in time and beyond time.  You are a son (daughter) of man on the human level, and a son (daughter) of God on the spiritual level.

Doubt-anxiety is ignorance-anxiety.

Power-struggle-anxiety is peace-ignorance

If you think you can be hurt, you also think you can hurt others, and you will feel like a victim of guilt-anxiety.

Burden-anxiety and martyr-anxiety are garden varieties of worry-anxiety.

Nightmare-anxiety is your invitation to wake up

Boredom-anxiety is a misnomer for the assumption of shallowness.

Attention-deficit-disorder-anxiety is scattered superficial perception based upon self-ignorance.  ADD-anxiety is a call to parents, schools and doctors to go deeper into their own self-awareness.  Children reflect our own anxiety-confusion.

Self-medication-anxiety, like all drug-anxiety and addiction-anxiety, is a call to wake up to the mis-use of your creative imagination.

The desire for hypnosis is really a call to wake-up from what you are already hypnotized about.  We are all in a cultural trance.  Waking-up is de-hypnosis.

God-anxiety like Self-unawareness-anxiety is the basis of all existential anxiety.

Republican-anxiety, like democratic-anxiety, is an opportunity to go past scape-goating and find our unity.  There are no bad guys or good guys, just anxious lovers and our old worn-out story.

Anxiety-recognition is the beginning of the Spiritual Psychotherapy process. Anxiety is your friend because it is a strange witness to your spiritual nature. As long as you blame your anxiety on anything besides your own ego story, you are stuck in your limitations.

Anxiety always attends our attempts to gain satisfying self-confirmation because it cannot be done.

Anxiety, then, in any form is a signal that I am unaware of the Infinite good that is present right now, as symbolized by the infinity sign.

Jesus discovered the formula for anxiety-transcendence and anxiety-transformation: “I and my Father are one, and He doeth the work.”


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