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Human Love vs. Divine Love II

Human-love marriage, without radical spirituality, ends up with the symptoms of:  power struggles, cheating, divorce, separation, sickness, or child problems.  In other words,  most first marriages fail.  Nothing works without unconditional God-love awareness. Advertisements

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Human Love vs. Divine Love

HUMAN LOVE is finite, conditional, lacking, critical, constrictive, limiting, anxiety-producing, and falls short–it always wants something more.  It changes to fear, and fear eventually destroys. DIVINE LOVE is infinite, expansive, unconditional, complete,  grateful, healing, unlimited, perfect, satisfying, and resurrective.

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Whatever occurs after “I AM” (God’s name) is empowered:  I AM… I AM ….. sick, I AM ….. broke, I AM …..  insecure, I AM …..  old, I AM …..  anxious, I AM …..  depressed, I AM …..  fat, I … Continue reading

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Our God

Our god is outmoded, pitiful, and intellectualized.  No wonder the fastest growing religion is agnosticism! It is the best way to make the shift to Radical Understanding — just don’t get stuck in the protest mode. Protest is just another … Continue reading

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God is Our Financial Partner

Do you support yourself? Do you keep yourself alive? Did you give yourself birth? Is the government or your employer the source of your income? I argue in this article that you will never resolve your financial stress until and … Continue reading

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God is Our Doctor

Do bodies get sick? Are you a body? Is illness a chemical condition often caused by bacteria or virus? Does medicine cure? Does any form of self-medication work? The answers we give these questions will land us in two far … Continue reading

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No Interaction

Ordinarily, life is thought of as proceeding on four levels: (1) First, is the level of self-awareness, self-consciousness, preoccupation with oneself — how one feels, what one is thinking, what one wants, what one needs, what one would like. (2) … Continue reading

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Who I Am To You

By Mari Perron Has your God not been a god at all, but science, money, career, beauty, fame, celebrity, intellect? Then these things have become the content of who you are. Science, money, fame, celebrity, intellect or any other concept that … Continue reading

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