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Life’s Purpose

Rick Warren addressed the question of Life’s Purpose at three levels: 1. Survival (which is an ego level, 1 to 199 Energy Frequency on David Hawkins’ Map). 2. Success (which is also an ego level, 200 to 499 Energy Frequency … Continue reading

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Albert Camus said, “Hell is the other.” My clients often say, “What I can’t stand most is other people!”  Does that make you wonder what heaven will be like? There will definitely be a lot of people not on speaking … Continue reading

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There is a Secret

There is a secret about the universe. Very few people know this secret.  Without the knowledge of what this secret is, we will continue to be anxious.  All that I do or even want to do, is to teach this secret. The reason people do not know this secret is not because we … Continue reading

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Principles of Spiritual Psychotherapy

1. Meditation is wholehearted attentiveness to God 2. There are three ways to live: we can be here for ourselves, we can be here for others, or we can be here for God 3. Money is the shadow of love … Continue reading

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On Parenting

The best single book on parenting ever written can be bought at for just the cost of shipping plus 1 cent. Full of practical advice and a philosophy about relationships, you will read and re-read this book for years, … Continue reading

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One Mind by Thomas Hora

Dr. Hora: We look around and we see millions of people, and everyone seems to have a mind of his own, and most everyone’s mind is at loggerheads with most everyone else’s mind. There are only a few of us here in this … Continue reading

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