‘Cures’ in the Programmed World

(Attempts at Self-Medication)

1.  The Geographical Cure.  Change Your Location in the horizontal world (Symbolic of vertical awareness realization). Self-medication by moving. Where is the Kingdom.  Move, change  houses, jobs, people. 

2.  The Substance Cure: Change your Substance (Symbolic of invisible substance).   Self-medication with substances. What goes in the mouth is more important than what comes out of it. Visible substance, tangible substance, something you can taste, to produce a given effect.  Food, street drugs, prescription drugs.  Feeding the 5000, turn water into wine, bread becomes the body. The water of life for which you do not thirst again.

3.  The Time Cure.  Control the Time factor  (Symbolic of the timeless). Self-medication by changing the past or control the future. Rush things up or slow things down.  Before and after are replaced by Nowness. I am with you always. Today is the day of salvation.  You are with me in paradise.

4.  The Experience Cure.  Change Your Emotions  (Symbolic of transformation).  Self-medication by changing your moods, your behavior, do more stuff, have more experiences. 

5.  The Belief Cure. Change your Intellect (Symbolic of Awareness Expansion or Truth Realization). Self-medication by increasing your knowledge about, getting an education, learning more information, modifying your beliefs. 

6.  The People Cure.  Change your Relationships (Symbolic of God-confirmation, and being a blessing).  Find what you lack.  Get what you need. Seek self-affirmation through belonging and avoiding loneliness.  Get closer to or away from someone.  Realize that love is unconditional oneness.

7.  The Body Cure.  Change your Body (Symbolic of ego death and rebirth). Self-medication by gaining weight, losing weight, becoming more attractive, getting well, exercise, eat right, get the body over its illness. Immortality. Ignore or get rid of the body, discipline or punish the body.  The body is God’s temple.  Resurrect the body. Transformation.

8.  The Money Cure: Change your Resources  (Symbolic of Abundance Awareness).  This could just as well be called the Security Cure or the Survival Cure.   

9.  The Sex Cure: Change toward  More Pleasure (Symbolic of Joy Awareness).  Search for more fun.  We try to manipulate the pain/pleasure polarity without seeing that you cannot have one without the other. Either pain or pleasure will do, as long as we do not fall into the threat of nothingness.

10.  The Power Cure:  Extend your Control (Symbolic of Trust in the Infinite Good).  Self-medication by manipulating the circumstances which seem to confirm or dis-confirm the ego.  All power plays seek to avoid the Victim Experience (#4) to have the Pleasure experience (#4, #9,), and to have the Freedom experience. 

11.  The Gambling Cure: Change Your Luck (Symbolic of a Risk-Taking Gamble on the Invisible).  When everything else has failed, try luck.

12.  The Self-Confirmation Cure: Change of our Limited Self Esteem and Self-efficacy (Symbolic of God-Confirmation). This perception addresses all anxiety and pain aroused by our programmed story of separateness, lack and entrapment.

All such cures  and changes are based upon three programmed  assumptions (disconnect, deficiency and danger) and the anxiety resulting therefrom.  We believe that we are human and we ignore our oneness with God.

Most of our attempted  cures and changes are horizontal, mediocre, superficial, egoic, anxiety-driven, incomplete, addictive and ineffective because they misdiagnose and therefore mistreat. The Programmed World is canned, unconscious, and impossible to fulfill, always resulting in ineffective self-medication. 

The Programmed World and its constant self-medication efforts are symbolic of realization of the Self, awakening, enlightenment, of which the ego has no knowledge, interest or investment


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