Discoverers of the Unlimited World

Moses made a  gigantic discovery, and called it “I am that I am.”  Jesus made an even greater discovery and he called  it “My Father” making it both universal and personal.   Paul called his discovery the “Christ Within” although he went both ways, not doing what he should, and doing what he should not.  Peter called his discovery the “Holy Spirit.”  John called it the “Logos.”  Plato the “Daemon.”  Buddha called itthe “Awakened One.”

Freud did not get to the Promised Land but he told us what the programmed ego world is like.  Jung called his discovery the “Self” and wrote a dozen volumes about it.   Lao Tze named it the “Tao.”  Yogananda called it “Ananda.”  Maslow the “Human Potential.”   Star Wars called it the “Force.”   Reich named it the “Orgone.”  Campbell called his discovery the “Hero.”  Einstein called his discovery “Energy”Krishna called  it the “Atman.”  

 John Dorsey called it “Allness.”  Hufeland the “Unsick  Region.”  Talbot, the “Holographic Universe.”  “Naphsha” it was called by the Aramaic language.  Merzel:  the “Big Mind.”  Thomas Hora called it the“Christ Consciousness.”  Dr. Joe calls it the “Infinite Good.”  Cohen, the “Evolutionary Self.”  Emma Hopkins called it the “Unnamable, the Unaccountable Fact.”  Thomas More called it the “Soul.”  Wayne Dyer, the “Source.”    A Course in Miracles called it the “Miraculous.”

This is not to infer that all of these discoveries are on the same level nor that they refer to the same dynamism, just that they carried the good news for the particular messenger.

You will find your own name for your discovery of the Unlimited because there has to be more than this programmed world of bipolarity. It will be a discovery because it is not in the obvious world.  The ultimate is not found in the horizontal world, but in the vertical world above 500.  Every such discovery is at thesame time a revelation to the persistent seeker.


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