Healthy Self-Talk

Programmed Self-talk versus Enlightened Self-talk
We have all been programmed by society to think, talk and feel in habitual unhealthy ways.  This unconscious self-talk determines our experience.  We see what we believe.  We live according to our ego story.  Essentially everything we do is motivated by the desire for self-confirmation.  We have long forgotten that we are spiritual beings that God made in his perfect image.  Our experience therefore becomes circular, repetitive, and out of control.  “Why is this happening to me again?” becomes our constant complaint.  We have no idea that we (the collective and the individual)  are creating our own suffering, anxiety and symptoms.  Why would anyone create what they don’t want?
We cannot tell the difference in our symptoms and our problem.  We self-diagnose and self-medicate incorrectly, based upon our programming. What our five senses tell us,  and what our feelings and reason reinforce, are programmed.  We have learned to judge and blame.  We do not understand the source of our pain, and therefore our efforts to fix it fall short. We do not see that our self-talk is the problem.  The chief error in our programmed self-talk is about the word “I”  We assume that we know who “I” is.   We assume that “I” am my ego, my story, my social identity.  We have learned to ignore our spiritual “I”.
Ego-I self-talk has taken control and the God-I is forgotten.
If our ego self-talk is not recognized and let go of, our symptoms just get worse.  Our symptoms do not need medicating because they are our friendly reminders that we are living in ignorance of our true spiritual God-I identity.
I have written two articles about the self-talk changes that we must make if we are to re-claim our spiritual identity and get off of the merry-go-round of seeking self-confirmation. (of the ego-I)  We are now dominated by our “wants-and-don’t-wants“, as well as by our “shoulds-and-should-nots”, which cause us to feel like victims.
These two articles below I. “Healthy Self-talk” and
II. “God is my Infinite Good” are designed to be read daily and hourly if necessary, or at least every time we get upset.  All upsets are due to our ignorant programmed.
I. Healthy Self-talk
1. Healthy Self-talk is not a given, it has to be cultivated consciously; unhealthy self-talk is programmed, automatic, and unconscious. (below 500 Mhz#)
2. Healthy Self-talk is about god-validation (500-1000 Mhz), not about self-validation or other-validation (below 500 Mhz)
3. Healthy Self-talk is about what God wants (500-1000 Mhz)
not what my ego wants or what your ego wants
4. Healthy Self-talk is about what is reality (500-1000 Mhz), and not about what should be or should not be (180 Mhz)
5. Healthy Self-talk manifests the infinite good, the  unconditionally loving and the creatively intelligent
6. Healthy Self-talk is not operational talk about self and another, nor about managing and controlling human relationships, nor gossip thereabout. (below 200 Mhz)
7. Healthy Self-talk is not about self-medication strategies, such as addictions, but about truth-realization
8. Healthy Self-talk transcends all polarities
9. Healthy Self-talk is more about spiritual discernment than about “facts” and “information”
10. Healthy Self-talk is not about what is wrong or who is to blame (- 200 Mhz)
11. Healthy Self-talk is not judgmental about appearances
12. Healthy Self-talk is life-affirming and death-transcending
13. Healthy Self-talk attempts to see through God’s eyes and to hear God’s guidance in all matters (+600 Mhz)
14. Healthy Self-talk is receptive and intuitive
15. Healthy Self-talk does not judge, gossip or blame (-200 Mhz)
16. Healthy Self-talk focuses on Presence in the present
17. Healthy Self-talk takes nothing personally
18. Healthy Self-talk always asks “What is the meaning of this crisis?”
19. Healthy Self-talk  focuses on issues and not on personalities
20. Healthy Self-talk transcends programmed ignorance
21. Healthy Self-talk is not about who is right or wrong
22, Healthy Self-talk is about win/win
23. Healthy Self-talk is not about “Poor Me” and “Ain’t it Awful”  (145 Mhz)
24. Healthy Self-talk always asks “What is the Good of God in this situation?”
25. Healthy Self-talk always begins with “I don’t know” and “I don’t have to be in control”  (230 Mhz)
26. Healthy Self-talk is enlightenment-oriented
27. Healthy Self-talk seeks for what unifies rather than what divides
28. Healthy Self-talk is about health and not about disease
29. Healthy Self-talk is healing because it listens for truth
30. Healthy Self-talk does not indulge in the toxicities of criticizing, complaining, nagging, blaming, threatening, punishing, and bribing  (145 Mhz)
31. Healthy Self-talk only pays attention to what enlightens
32. Healthy Self-talk asks creative questions and listens for creative answers
33. Healthy Self-talk requires story-monitoring lest regression recur  (230 Mhz)
34. Healthy Self-talk reduces the gap between what I see and what I want
35. Healthy Self-talk aims at self-transformation and not self-justification
36. Healthy Self-talk understands that all problems are psychological and all solutions are spiritual
37. Healthy Self-talk looks for the benefit inherent in all experiences
38. Healthy Self-talk stays out of other people’s business and tends to one’s own
39. Healthy Self-talk is active rather than reactive
40. Healthy Self-talk is responsive rather that burdensomely responsible
41. Healthy Self-talk is for our own awareness-development rather than for inducing guilt or bragging.  (40 Mhz)
42. Healthy Self-talk is focused on gratitude (530 Mhz) rather than complaining (145 Mhz), on Now rather than on the past or future
43. Healthy Self-talk looks for hidden growth messages in all anxiety symptoms
44. Healthy Self-talk is focused on the abundance of the infinite good rather than on what appears to be lacking
45. Healthy Self-talk constantly monitors itself for programmed lying and ignorance
46. Healthy Self-talk finds ways to say a “healthy yes” wherever possible
47. Healthy Self-talk is more about “Both/And” (above 500 Mhz) than about “Either/Or” (below 499 Mhz)
48. Healthy Self-talk does not use words like “can’t“ or “don’t’ and “shouldn’t” but words like “possible” and “potential.”  God told Joel to say to himself “I am strong.”
49. Healthy Self-talk says “I and my Father are one”
50. Healthy Self-talk realizes that only 7% of what is said to others bears fruit, but 100% of what is whole-heartedly said to self works
51. Healthy Self-talk  looks for ways to forgive and let go rather than to control and bind
52. Healthy Self-talk is contextually aware, above 500 Mhz, and non-dualistic
53. Healthy Self-talk realizes that words are the most powerful force on earth, as in “Let there be light“
54. Healthy Self-talk is about our divinity, not our humanity–about our potential, not about our deficits
55. Healthy Self-talk focuses on being a blessing here and now for God
56. Healthy Self-talk transcends the fair/unfair polarity of the programmed world, and enters the world of grace (560 Mhz)
57. Healthy Self-talk is about the Infinite in the finite world; about the Good News, not about the good news/bad news scenario
58. Healthy Self-talk requires a lifelong evolution of awareness and understanding
59. Healthy Self-talk comes from the God-Self, unhealthy self-talk comes from ego programming
60. Healthy Self-talk transforms anxiety; unhealthy self-talk creates anxiety
61. Healthy Self-talk has a code word: GD (Infinite Good)
62. Healthy Self-talk dares to be a warrior for planetary enlightenment rather than settling for mediocrity
63. Healthy Self-talk occurs most rapidly from inner silence (as in Serenity at 530 Mhz)
Healthy Self-talk Summary:  By far the healthiest self-talk is silence.  Over 600 studies during the past 50 years in over 30 countries show that meditation by far is the healthiest medication on the planet for most health problems.  The reason for this is that stress arises from unhealthy self-talk.
When the body is relaxed and the mind is meditatively quiet, still, empty and receptive, there is an available creative flow (from Consciousness Itself) of infinite intelligence, unconditional love, absolute goodness, healthy energy,  powerful peaceful light, clear understanding and practical relevant self-talk and intuition, which we call Receptive Listening.    Emptiness is not something to be feared and avoided.  Limbo is a gift.  If we let go of  the compulsive attachment to the incessant chatter and busyness in our story we can discover the Quiet Mind.  “Could you not watch with me one hour?”  was Jesus request.  Programmed self-talk from the sea of mental garbage and suffering is replaced by spiritual wisdom through Receptive Listening.  .
Request wisdom.  Quieten the mind. Watch.  Wait.  Listen.  Discern. Receive in gratitude.
Realize that:
1. Your potential is infinite
2. Your limitations are programmed as polarities
3. Your faults are imagined
4. Your fears and angers are unfounded
5. Your excuses are unnecessary
6. Your control strategies and self-medications are ineffective
7. Accepting ignorance and staying in the gap between the known and the unknown makes polarity-transcendence and Self-realization possible
8. Understanding can now Receptive Listening and Healthy Self-talk.
If, by the grace of god, and the pressure of your own anxiety, you were to practice this kind of self-talk, for today,  for this month, and for this year, there would be nothing that could stop the evolution of your potential.

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