Love Can Never Be Tamed!

 Anxiety is the inevitable path to Love

Desire is Love’s paradoxical motivator

Pain is Love’s strange teacher

Pleasure its most seductive attraction

Foolishness is Love’s humorous trademark

Awareness is Love’s catalyst

Mystery is Love’s eternal ally

Addiction is Love’s dark reflection

Security is Love’s habitual trap

Unconditionality and freedom its true nature

Failure its most frequent opportunity

Self-protective control its most recurrent impasse


Imagination and inspiration are Love’s creative power

Responsibility is Love’s daily muscle

Friendship is Love’s mutuality

Romance is Love’s tender embrace

Sex is Love’s passionate body

Kindness is Love’s most trusted face

Forgiveness is Love’s eraser of error

Peace is Love’s ocean depth

Freedom is Love’s guarantee


Music is Love’s vital dance

Science is Love’s uncanny arithmetic

Art expresses Love’s beauty

Nature is Love’s awesome clothing

Health is Love’s flow through mind and body

Money is the social coinage of Love’s energy

Silence is Love’s perpetual resting place


Grief is Love believed lost

Guilt is Love forsaken

Jealousy is Love mistrusted

Fear is Love forgotten

Hostility is Love hurt and frustrated

Cynicism is Love gone sour

Illness is Love calling

Grace is Love given away


The heart is Love’s soft throne

Human language her perplexing speech

Healing is Love’s first priority

Reunion her ingenious plan

On time’s edge where Love’s infinity happens

Performing its curious alchemy

Betrayal’s wounds may seem to be our only companion

But disillusionment is Love’s necessary process

And limbo our cocoon for Love’s rebirth.

Although fear may appear to haunt us on every corner,

Only Love is real.


Love’s patient watchfulness nurtures us

Coincidences mark Love’s miraculous presence

Moving us toward its inevitable goal of transformation.

Embrace the ironies of Love, for it is our

Source and Destiny, requiring everything of us.

Love can never be tamed!


Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D


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