Observing, Owning & Switching!

I Observe the limited, own it, and switch to the Unlimited!

I Observe the ego, own it and switch to the Self!

I Observe envy, own it, and switch to Wholeness-Awareness!

I Observe my sense of lack, own it, and switch to godness!

I Observe shame/pride, own this polarity, and switch to the Reality of Neutrality!

I Observe my tendency to “problemize,” own it as my programming, and switch to an “issue” approach.

I Observe my judge-and-blame-habit, own it, and switch to “turning it over to God.

I Observe any tendency to react or self-defend or seek self-consolation, own it as a trap, and switch to my magnificent freedom in Christ.

I Observe my impatience, own it as short-sightedness, and switch to Awareness-of- the-Field-of-No-Lack.

I Observe the Point Zero sense of nothingness, own it as a mistaken human opinion, and switch to the restful awareness of the Invisible Unlimited.

I Observe my Inadequate God, Poor God, Disinterested God, Frightful God and Absent God opinions, own them as fantasies, and allow the Real God to appear.

I Observe my tendency to “go it alone” and experience “Poor Me,” own my ignorance, and become aware of blissful oneness with Consciousness Itself.

I Observe my time anxieties, own my amnesia, and claim my immortality.

I Observe my “comfort zone” assumptions, own its discomforts, and go for Risky Allness.

I Observe my sense of smallness, own its evasiveness, and claim my universality.

I Observe my addictions, own their lacks, and claim what they exclude as already mine.

I Observe my tendency to “hero worship,” own its supposed “payoffs,” and get on with my Hero’s Journey.

I Observe my preoccupation with “what I want and/or what you want, own its narrowness and failures, and claim “what God wants.”

I Observe my belief that there is a world out there which is limiting me, own my irresponsibility about this, and take my power back.

I Observe my tendency to “psychologize” everything, own it as my self-limiting programming, and claim my unlimited spirituality.

I Observe my tendency to “guiltify,” own it as presumptious, and leave the burdensome job of judging to god.

I Observe my ego’s tendency to assume that my job is to “fix” what god neglects, own it as my bragging/complaining, and ask for wisdom.

I Observe my tendency to take news as “facts” and to feel like a victim, own my passivity, and switch to my creative power mode.

I Observe my sense of boredom, own it as my fearfulness of vitality, and switch to wide awake.

I Observe my anxiety symptoms, own my responsibility for creating them, and ask for understanding of their purpose and value.

I Observe my tendency to play the “I’m only human” game, own it as a farce, and switch to the reality of being a “god” (John 10:34)

I Observe my use of the words “I” and “you,” own the dangers in that kind of self-talk habit, and speak more wisely.

I Observe my tendency to play Victim, Villain and/or Rescuer, own the ignorance and uselessness of such, and switch to sanity.

I Observe my tendency to complain, own the weakness of blaming, and switch to the power of gratitude.

I Observe my feeling of being unsafe and alone, own those illusions, and claim my rightful godhood and yours.

I Observe my expectation of acceptance, own my desire for forgiveness, and switch to forgiving everyone and everything.

I Observe my tendency to criticize, own that it’s all about me, and switch to rejoicing about the good fortune of others.

I Observe my fear of giving and losing, own that that fear is irrational, and switch to awareness of the universe as infinitely free energy which always returns more than I give.

The “facts” are that the energy problem will destroy the world economy if climate change doesn’t, and 41% of humanity will die of cancer. Do you accept such “facts”?

Does God agree? Is that the kind of universe you have to live in? Who said so?

If I don’t rattle your belief cage, who will?

Even a bird cannot content itself with living in a cage, not withstanding the fact that it is made out of gold.



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