108 Proofs


Let me begin with a disclaimer: evidence for or against Infinity Theory have no validity because evidence is a mind thing and Infinity Theory has its own validity in our experience. However, having said this, let us review some possible experiences which may be used to validate or invalidate Infinity Theory, whichever you choose:

Your interest in reading about this

Your ability to read

Your belief/disbelief in a higher power

Your insatiable hungers

Your addictions and your denials of addictiveness

Your power to make yourself miserable

Your freedom to choose

Your vacillations between the extremes of misery and pleasure

Your power to pretend and deny

Your tendency toward guilt and shame

Your anger at being put down

Your ability to create boredom

The miracle of being alive

Your ability to make anything seem bad or good

Your infinite imagination

Your relentless search for happiness

The fact that you can’t give up even when you give up

Your admiration of human achievements

Your desire for immortality

Your conscience and your struggle with your conscience

Your admiration of and hatred of robothood and mechanicalness

The notion that you could be a victim

The radical extremes of your thoughts, feelings and actions

Your radical tendency to conform and/or rebel

Your self-critical nature

Your constant effort to prove your innocence or guilt

Your self-punishment and self-reward

Your secretiveness about the absoluteness of your desires

Your hero worship

Your worship of sex and money

Your insistent belief that you are right

Your intent to change the world

Your anger that you can’t change the world

Your perfectionism

Your tendency to brag and cover it up with humility

Your secret selfishness

Your joy in serving others

Your appreciation of beauty

Your desperation for and denial of the importance of sex and intimacy

Your belief you can or can’t be cured

Your black-and-white thinking

Your fascination with the miraculous

Your fear of and denial of death

Your power to create and destroy

Your ability to bless or curse

Your hatred and love of the finite

Your obsession with right and wrong, good and bad

Your hypocrisies and pretenses

Your denial of inferiority feelings

Your shameful sense of low self-esteem

Your excessive pride

Your preoccupation with your innocence or sinfulness

Your constant fight with God

Your use of God’s name in swearing

Your attraction to, avoidance of, and competition with Jesus Christ

Your denials that you are a saint

Your constant desire to be high

Your belief and disbelief in hell and heaven

Your world of opposites

Your dissatisfaction with marriage and your desire to remarry

Your constant blame or idolization of your parents

Your tendencies to be a manic/depressive

Your Dr. Jekyl/ Mr. Hyde behavior

Your ability to forget and remember

Your multiple-personality disorder

Your efforts to hide your insanity

Your ability to smile

Your difficulty in forgiving and forgetting

Your insistence that you are less than you want to be

Your constant stress

Your fascination with science fiction

Your incessant desire for more

Your disappointments with mediocrity

Your belief that you have to be a victim, perpetrator or rescuer

Your belief in and hatred of loneliness

Your determination to overcome your sense of lack

Your hatred of stupidity

Your inescapable nature as a lover

Your search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Your hopes to live forever

Your scape-goating of others

Your thoughts of destroying whatever gets in your way

The desire to kill your body to get rid of your sense of pain and failure

Your constant desire to escape what you don’t like

Your refusal to accept responsibility for your entire creation

Your awesome ability to create and to do miracles

Your awesome ability to create misery and happiness

Your constant denial of these awesome abilities

Your desire and effort to improve the world

Your desire to discover the fountain of youth and paradise

Your fight against injustice

Your belief in your innocence and rightness

Your power struggles with your lovers

Your commitment to your rights

Your sense of entitlement

Your hatred of feeling like a slave

Your belief in the ultimacy of the good

Your ability to imagine and envision anything

Your ability to be the observer of anything

That you can deny, but you not destroy, your Consciousness

Your ability to know anything because you already know it all

That you have already forgotten more than you can remember

That the Secret Knowledge of Life is buried in your self-chosen ignorance

How can any of these things indicate your immortality, your divinity, your infinite nature? I have attempted to demonstrate why I believe that they all do, but the proving of them to yourself is up to you. Your interest in and doubt about proving and disproving is the final proof of your divinity, immortality and infinite nature.

Isn’t my list of “proofs” of divinity ridiculous and ludicrous? Of what possible value could such a list be in such a cruel meaningless world? Would it even matter if you could prove to yourself that you and everyone else and everything else is infinite? No one else would believe it and you wouldn’t want to be a fool, would you? I have already decided that I am a fool, and that I chose to belong to a tribe of fools, so why not be a Fool for Infinity? There was no one to fool but myself anyway, and I realized I had chosen to do that long enough.

This is all written for my own understanding. I wouldn’t dare to try to prove or disprove anything to an infinite being such as you. You could prove me right or wrong at any time according to your wishes. And no doubt you have already proven to yourself that you have the power to fool even yourself. The finite denial of or awareness of infinity is your choice. Fortunately, infinity is not a choice that we have, only awareness or unawareness of infinity is our choice. The adventure of the discovery of reality stretches out before us infinitely. To be a bit more ridiculous, let’s add a few more proofs

Your ingenious intelligence

Your miraculous existence

The infinity of your imagination

Your infinite desire and ability to know

Your ability to love unconditionally

Your entire list of disappointments, criticisms and complaints about life.

Your infinite ability to deny, doubt, and resist

Your symptoms

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that my list of “proofs” can just as easily be taken as proofs of your mortality, finitude and non-divinity as they can as proofs for your immortality, infinity and divinity. And what is more interesting, is that they always have been.

Who could infinity be proven to? To the finite? Can the infinite ever be proven to the finite? Why would the infinite need to be proven to itself? The finite is the only thing that even questions or could question the infinite.

How can the sun be proven to the sunbeam?

How can the ocean be proven to the wave?

How can the Internet be proven to the computer?

How can the watchmaker be proven to the watch?

How can the spirit be proven to the body?

How can the mind be proven to the thought?

How can the invisible be proven to the visible?

The Eternal can be aware of time, but time cannot comprehend the Eternal. The Invisible can be aware of the visible, but the visible cannot fathom the Invisible. The Immortal can be aware of the mortal, but the mortal can hardly even imagine the Immortal.

The Infinite can be aware of the finite, but the finite cannot grasp the Infinite.


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