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Human Love vs. Divine Love II

Human-love marriage, without radical spirituality, ends up with the symptoms of:  power struggles, cheating, divorce, separation, sickness, or child problems.  In other words,  most first marriages fail.  Nothing works without unconditional God-love awareness. Advertisements

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  Fight No More Fighting takes two There is only one of us   Fight No More Fighting is about lack There is no lack   Fight No More It takes two to have a war But only one to … Continue reading

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Choice Theory

20 Principles of Choice Theory by William Glasser (amplified by Dr. Joe) Criticizing creates controversy and stress.   Criticism says that people are neither worthy nor capable. I choose to nurture myself and others with the message that we are worthy and capable. Complaining is trying … Continue reading

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On Parenting

The best single book on parenting ever written can be bought at for just the cost of shipping plus 1 cent. Full of practical advice and a philosophy about relationships, you will read and re-read this book for years, … Continue reading

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Sex, Marriage and Love

Sex, marriage and love have always been troublesome and problematic forms of the search for enlightenment.  Since Adam and Eve, they have been primary human goals and conflicts.  Sex, marriage and love are symbols of desired experiences, but their failure becomes perhaps … Continue reading

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Your Child’s Birth

Do you remember your child’s birth as the highest moment in your life?  You touched upon and take part in the Great Mystery of the birth of God. It was like the first Christmas for you.  This child was straight from God … Continue reading

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Your Child Learns What He Lives

    Seven Deadly Habits:   Criticizing, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing and bribing are stressful habits that we use to try to control people.  These reflex actions are anxiety-producing for the person who thinks and talks this way as … Continue reading

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