God is Our…

God is our Financial Partner

Do you support yourself? Do you keep yourself alive? Did you give yourself birth? Is the government or your employer the source of your income?

I argue in this article that you will never resolve your financial stress until and unless you do address these questions.

In the Real World, which we don’t yet know, we are one with God, one with the Infinite, which includes money. But we still assume that we live in the Programmed World of lack and limitation, and so our self-talk creates that experience for us.

In Luke 15 the Father Figure said to the jealous brother “Don’t you know that all that I have is yours?” No matter which brother we are, the guilty-indulgent one or the jealous-deprived one, we are still stuck, to some degree, in the Programmed World of unreality. So all the while that we are self-talking “Poor Me,” to any degree, we are misleading ourselves, by looking at the wrong world. “What you see is what you get,” chirped comedian Flip Wilson.

We have long forgotten the awesome power of vision and words. Without vision, the people perish. “Man’s only burden is his words,” said Jeremiah. We think that our 60,000 thoughts (words) a day are meaningless and powerless. All added together they become our “story,” which becomes our assumed identity, which controls our experiences. No wonder we become anxious– trying to force the unreal to work!

The world of money is not what we imagine it to be. Money, like everything else, is God-Energy. If we think of money just as power, as the Programmed World assumes, then we can become its victims. We give money its assumed power and make it god and not God-Energy. But if you think you are separate from God, as the Programmed World teaches, then you will be a victim of money.

There was a psychologist who came to me in Los Angeles and wanted to work for my spiritual psychotherapy center.  I asked him why he would want to work for me since he has a Ph.D. and can work anywhere he chooses for top dollar.  He said because of a dream.

He had dreamed that he was walking down the street with a book under his arm, with his new Ph.D. diploma in it, and with a business plan all mapped out.  He ran into a Holy Man.  The Holy Man stopped directly in front of him and said “there is a divine plan for your life.”  The psychologist replied, pulling out his book of plans from under his arm and opening it:  “Do you see this book? It contains my plans.”  The Holy Man looked at it carefully and then said, pulling out from under his arm a much bigger book, “Do you see this book?”  The psychologist looked carefully into its huge pages and saw to his amazement his own little book already written there. “His plan, you see, includes yours.”   This dream changed his life.

God is our Doctor

Do bodies get sick? Are you a body? Is illness a chemical condition often caused by bacteria or virus? Does medicine cure? Does any form of self-medication work?

The answers we give these questions will land us in two far different worlds: the Programmed World and the Real World. The answer of the Real World to all five of these questions is “No!” But people in the Programmed World don’t even ask such irrelevant questions. I argue in this article that you will never resolve your health stress until and unless you address these questions.

Thomas Hora, M.D., said that “All problems are psychological, all solutions are spiritual.” Einstein supported that when he said “You can’t change a problem from the same level on which it was created.” Illnesses are not physical, chemical, genetic, viral, bacterial, or medical in origin, but psychological. Some healing effects appear to occur short of Spirit, but they are temporary and reappear in another form. All illnesses are symptoms and have a meaning.

Dethlefsen, in The Healing Power of Illness : Understanding What your Symptoms Are Telling You, says that rather than blocking or destroying illness, we can learn from it. Paradoxical? Yes. Our body is just showing us the way we were unable to follow our true consciousness. Learn from your illness, then your illness becomes useless and fades away. Illness represents our last opportunity for evolution. Whatever you do for ordinary treatment, pay simultaneous attention to the only true healing.

Illness is not some quirk of nature you have to fight. A truer understanding of illness actually helps you stay healthier. When you “understand what your symptoms are telling you,” you view them as bodily expressions of inner conflicts. Their symbolism will reveal the real problems you’re not facing. Pick a current health issue or even an accident, and see the difference when you treat it as a sign of healing instead of as a negative.

Be sure to study “You Are Not Sick” under Featured Articles on this website.

Symptoms are psychological, even when they appear to be medical, financial, political, legal, educational, interpersonal, religious, philosophical or cultural.

We seem sick because we are an acidic societyYour body is bombarded by acid from day-to-day living:

  • Acid rain—turns drinking water highly acidic—and dangerous to your health!
  • Air pollution—fills your lungs with toxins and acid residue. Even smog containing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides can raise acid levels in your body!
  • Pesticides and food additives—bog down your cells with synthetic acid-producing residues!
  • Prescription drugs—leave acid residues in your cells for years after you’ve stopped taking them!
  • Poor diet—fast foods, “enriched” foods and fried foods are acid forming!
  • Your home—contains synthetic materials in furniture, carpets and upholstery that emit acid-based gases.

When God is Our Doctor we transcend many of these Programmed World conditions automatically, and begin to correct some of them on a practical level, through improving diet, doing more exercise, worrying less, and avoiding reactivity, judging-and-blaming, other toxic habits, and drugs.

When we begin to see the Huge Vision of who we are and what the Programmed World really is, everything changes. We are God’s partner, we are here for God, and money is not a problem or a fix, it is God-in-motion. Money then is for Self-Realization. God, as Senior Partner, reveals and guides in all money-energy matters.

God is our Lover

Do you have relationship problems that interfere with your love experience? Do you have conflicts and hurts from a parent, a partner or children? Do your shame, guilt, grief, fear and anger reactions arise from disappointments in these relationships? Do these problems require fixing so love can return? Does this fixing mean change on their part?

I argue in this article that you will never resolve your broken-love stress until and unless you do address all of these questions.

In the Programmed Word, there is always blame where there is pain, but in the Real World pain is our teacher for awakening to the Infinite Lovingness that does not change. Neither party is guilty in a conflicted relationship. None of our problems are from relationships. We have no problems except one—unawareness of our oneness with God, the Unconditional Love Energy. Until we discover our error about this one problem, we continue to be victimized by such judgmental symptom-producing “reactions,” and spend our resources on self-medicating them. Discover God’s calling!

God is our Purpose

Is your goal in life to survive and succeed? Is your purpose accomplished by education and by whom you are known? Are you in control of the unfolding of this process? Do you give meaning to your purpose? Do you direct this meaning moment-by-moment?

I argue here that you will never resolve your meaninglessness stress until and unless you do address these questions.

Our pseudo-purpose is dictated by the dualistic Programmed World and is never completely satisfactory. It is based on ego-social Survival and Success but not Spiritual Significance. Thus it may quickly turn into insecurity and a sense of failure.

Although there may seem to be as many purposes as there are people, there are actually only two: (1) the programmed search for self-confirmation through either positive or negative means and (2) the enlightened choice of the glory of God, with the focus on what God wants, because Iam one with God, although I seem to be separate. Purpose (1) is fed by the sea of mental garbage and always includes anxiety symptoms. Purpose (2) is fed by Infinite Love-Intelligence, and healing/fulfillment from the Unlimited World.



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